Friction Factor Calculator by Mood Diagram

This friction factor calculator acts like an on-line Moody diagram. One of the advantages of this program over the Moody diagram is that graphical interpolations are not needed; each friction factor is computed directly from the generating formula due to Colebrook (J. Inst. Civ. Eng. Lond., v.11, 1938-1939, pp.133-156).

In the calculator below, the Reynolds number, pipe roughness, and friction factor are denoted by Re, e, and f respectively. I've recently upgraded this calculator to include an output for the pressure drop per length of pipe.

이 계산기에 적용된 이론적 배경

First pick a system of units:
Next, pick a fluid:
Next, enter the pipe diameter D:
Next, enter the flow velocity:
Finally, enter the type of pipe:

I find the flow to be in the regime with parameters:
f =
|Dp|/L = ,
where Dp/L º is the pressure change per length of pipe, e º the roughness factor, and Re º Reynolds number.